Saturday, 21st March 2020

CANCELLED due to Corona Virus

The Beautiful Game

Performed by Next Door Dance

Using a backdrop of famous commentary, catchy songs and personal stories, Next Door Dance delves directly into the heart of football and explores why it truly is the people’s game.

Football. Some love it, others loathe it, but we can’t deny that it is somehow present in all of our lives. The Beautiful Game is a laugh-out-loud look at Britain’s undying obsession with football, celebrating everything from weird match day rituals to ridiculous arm chair punditry. Passionately performed by four females, The Beautiful Game will lead you through the highs and lows of being a British football fan. It may even attempt to explain the offside rule.

Made in collaboration with die-hard football fans and players, The Beautiful Game delves directly to the heart of football. Packed with unforgettable goals, set to a backdrop of chant-a-long hits and full to the brim with nostalgia this show will have you casting your mind back to fixtures gone by.

It is a show for all the family, both the fanatic and the impartial spectator. Even if you don’t like football, even if you despise football, The Beautiful Game will persuade you of its charms. 

“Better than the game itself!.” – Audience member, Nottingham Playhouse
“Never thought I would see football portrayed so well through dance.” – Leanne Woodhead, Nottinghamshire FA

For more about Next Door Dance, see their website

Tickets are £10 each (£8 under 16yrs) and are selling fast so grab yours while you can. See here for booking information.


Saturday, 25th April 2020

CANCELLED due to Corona Virus


Ginny Davis

Ginny Davis plays nine characters in this fantastic one woman show portraying Ruth – a wife, mother and daughter, endeavouring to pack up the chaos of her family home for a pending house move. Smug in the knowledge that completion was imminent and the move would be straightforward, what could possibly go wrong? Well quite a lot as it happens, and all in the space of 24 drama packed hours.

A simple concept for a play, but Ginny is expert in painting a colourful picture of family life, with clever and witty writing and a wonderful portrayal of several characters. You will relate to them instantly and will be entertained throughout.

For more about Ginny Davis, see her website

Tickets are £10 each (£8 under 16yrs) and are selling fast so grab yours while you can. See here for booking information.